I'm a Visual Journalist working for The Associated Press based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I'm a member of the Global Enterprise team, covering long term projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa. After freelancing for many years, I joined the AP full time in 2014, when I moved to Irbil, Iraq where I covered the war against the Islamic State for almost 4 years. My work has a strong focus on humanitarian issues, documenting the impact of conflict, corruption and international politics on everyday life.  

I have received several awards (APME, OPC's), including two Pulitzer nominations with our team in 2016  for 'Breaking Photography' and 2017  for 'International Reporting'. I also won the first prize in the 'News international Single category' in the Dutch Zilveren Camera in 2017 and 2018 and for 'News International Series category' in 2019.

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Bram Janssen / Visual Journalist

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